Watch “Board Members of Guilford County Schools Stop Riding Wave of Contreras Get Back Bone!!” on YouTube

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Watch “Mental Health Is A Serious Issue Without Boundaries No Matter RACE Or Creed.” on YouTube

#mentalhealth #awareness

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Watch “Is “Critical Race Theory” A distraction from the real issues within Our Education System?” on YouTube

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In My Era pt.2

I’m my Era many of friends grew up in single parent mom raising long time neva knowing  how deep relationship was between her n dad  angry kids fluck it couldn’t miss what ya neva had move on keep creating..

In My Era a young man introduction to meeting a girl was in tha classroom Pass a letter ask her: You wanna be my girl YES OR NO. She write  NO OHHHH KNOWWWW!!what I’LL SHOW HER but it’s ya second lesson of rejects 1st was from dad walking away but tha other kid puts candy in his letter to her an you watch tha two walk away tha moment you learn I gotta pay to play NEW DAY..

In My Era is when I learn that some friends weren’t sheit when you making money they get theirs n dip the ship sinking you gotta patch up quick move on create new clique and grow thick skin part of life pick up the pieces come back twice as nice.

In My Era learning on the fly was how you fly even if you didn’t take off the runway full of pump fakers n move makers had to find ya space in most case giving you 50ft was only 2ft from a fall to death figure it out what some said but how when you come up under a single mother working hard trying to raise her child n keeping food on the table work 2 jobs n no time to teach a young man life lessons that wasn’t her lessons walk outside ya door to quick sand life rough for tha kid.

In My Era Peer Pressure was tha norm you learned how to gamble without ever shooting a dice

In My Era watch many of friends go to Prison just for getting caught up in street life for a better living but what was earned versus giving neva made sense then while the percentage of one’s making it out still fell short of classified traditional living so in actuality the street life made since to us made sense for our daily living even if the long goal the numbers neva had us winning

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As the months turn to dayz n the dayz turn to months you have plans for greatness but never know what the day could bring but when the night falls an the wind blows n you close your eyes you wish to be taken to a calm place a place far away a place you could only go when your in a deep daze or dream but as the months turn to dayz n the dayz to months its another day a new season even if you felt defeated from just last season an the last season left you with a bitter taste in your mouth with a dry pallet it was only summer now its late spring the wind blows against your skin its mother nature kisses an if you listen close you could  hear her asking for your forgiveness from the last harsh season as months turn to dayz n dayz to months we know what plans we wish for but still can’t predict the day give thanks n just think even mother nature has bad dayz as months turn dayz n dayz turn months.

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While on your mission to make history n leaving a legacy  you will experience some pain embrace it learn n move on their are ones who need your inspiration. what will be your legacy?

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This writting thing is a work out for the mind! this writting thing is therapuetic its nothing like having words flow off the paper or on your key board/computer screen after they been work out stretched switched, flip around rolled over until healthy enough for presentation to the massive for the sake of making perfect sense THE MIND IS A GYM FOR YOUR WORDS let them go there until they work out. THINK ABOUT IT.

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The closest person was grandma she passed on to another life, everyone else in the family just talked down and called her names OOOHHH SHEILA!!! never seemed to have a chance forced to live with relatives who treated her so cruel while sitting alone in her room them being her relatives she wondered if this was true OOOHH SHEILA!!! to much to bare so she runs away into the arms of social Service aka DSS they promised to take care of her put her interest first but things just get worst OOHH SHEILA!!! been through 5 foster homes rapped 10 times by the children of the foster parents, in one house she was touched by the husband n wife Sheila grades start to slip n school she getting with the wrong crowd wildin actin rude Sheila smokin weed drinking liquor OOOOHH SHEILA!! 21yrs old now but her facial features says older she’s in the streets hard even turned  prostitute she meets a guy who claims to change her world OOOOHH!!! SHEILA!! aint been loved like this since her grandma in fear of this good thang leaving her  as grandma did  OH SHEILA!! does the opposite while sleeping she steals his bank card clears his bank account skips town n runs into a new guy who was truly the wrong guy he put hands on her  many times until one night while he took a shower OOOOHH!! SHEILA!! stormed the bathroom knife in hand stabbed him to death she fled the scene wasn’t long before authorities caught up to her now she’s on death row. OOOOHHH SHEILA!! ROBBED OF HER INNOCENSE A LIFE WITH NO BENEFIT……..

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How can you love someone else when you don’t love yourself how could you know what love is when you don’t know how to love yourself the word  L O V E seems to be thrown around for all the wrong reason for alt motives if most love like that say it would be less divorces, less crimes, n more unity from families and in the  world period, sounds far fetch uh?  so think about the word before using it an learn to LOVE YOU TO!  before you say it to someone else. love goes deeper than material, or physical being it’s two spirits connected its unconditional its a force if you ever want to know what true love is its like a mothers dying love for her child.

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