Bars, Hooks and Lines Part 1.

Tonites tha nite and me n my niggaz ain’t playing – Redman

Feeling strange on high alert spidey senses trippin I can feel it in tha air Beenie Sigel

Gotta move swift no time for second guesses we move n clean up tha messes they rush we rush they bust we bust it’s just tha way it is where I’m from cause Ain’t no half stepping Big Daddy Kane

Now tha spots hot we got stick up kids kurupt cops all on a block that stay hot GZA

Look outs on tha roof yelling Woop! Woop! that’s tha sound of tha POLICE!! You put ya name on tha hood willing to die foe tha hood but love is gonna get ya gonna get ya KRS1

If they think ya getting money they’ll kick in ya door wavin tha 44 all u hear is poppa don’t hit me no more Biggie Smalls

But they’ll neva catch me slippin cause I kick a hole in tha speaker pull tha plug then I jet Rakim

Catch me rollin down the high like a drunk driver wit his tires slashed aww u don’t know tha half Sean Price


Now I’m rolling down this lonely highway thinking bout tha good n tha bad tha right n tha wrong the ones that’s still wit me tha ones that are gone tha ones I done wrong it dawn on me like thee hip hop song I’m slipping I’m falling and I can’t get up. DMX.


That started from just 1 nite now I need 1 Mic.. 1 Mic Nas

Rashone Washington

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Sure of myself walking tall back straight up n down like 6 o clock. When I speak it’s clear voice deep make ya ear drums beat double times. It’s the rythm in me such a sweet vibration, you feel thee ora of my presents when I enter thee room just a gift I present to tha world. My mind is diamond that posses such jewels. With swift thoughts under pressure it’s expected so please respect it when you’re in front of someone so sure n so pure  uncut n raw that is  thee 1 MAHATMA.

Rashone Washington

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“The Plan”

If you come up with a PLAN remember IT’S YOUR PLAN. Make sure to PLAN for all the b.s that is sure to arise. Most times a PLAN is reproduced by 1 man so that 1 man must get everyone involved on the same PLAN. Do remember it’s your PLAN while in the mix it may cause for a replan because someone is not following the Motherflucking PLAN! An the nerve of those who blame you for FLUCKING UP your well thought PLAN. Stay cool youngblood don’t be no fool could be a trap to knock you off yo stool mighty ways of most. Truth of the matter most can’t n won’t follow orders so they take your PLAN into their own hands that’s when they FLUCK UP tha whole DAMN PLAN!


Rashone Washington

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“I Rise”

When in doubt I Rise wings on my back wind under my feet HA HA I RISE. Moving like none other zoom in destroy targets as I should.. DAMN I’M GOOD HA HA I RISE to thee occasion swiftly something amazing. Look for me in your darkest days and your coldest nights trained sniper type unorthodox. One Ox you don’t wanna box in fact I beat the drum not the one you teach.

Rashone Washington

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Punch drunk (Check Tha Ryhme)

I need better dialect like more substance in ya rhymes. Their reply: was fine you got time then follow us on our grind. 12pm they bout barred me to death off the stool crooked unamused. I’m like: fellas we 5 bars deep they said to steep? We thought you wanted more substance with ya ryhmes! Paused for a beat.. like was that deep or just tha shallow in them.

Punch Drunk (Check Tha Ryhme)

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Frontline of life

I’m on the frontline watching Mothers crying kids dying! Why? Cause tha Hatred runs deep. Rent high homes in foreclosure unhealthy living habits pushed across tha nation. Stress so you cottle tha bottle mean while the weed conversation be the hot button topic. Watching the ops thru our optics as we kick back in a cypher now we passing blunts ta politicians politicking turning corner spots into store fronts new popular front gentrify our neighborhoods Capitalize off of our blocks now that’s tha new hood hop.

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Fear not

What lies in our minds often times get lost in our fears. Take it off the mind turn it to reality and watch the fear disappear. Peace n Blessing. By Rashone aka Looka Washington

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