I’m the human cigarette for your soul. (So smoke me slow)

Light me up with your head held back and your eyes closed relax take me in. Share your mental strain from the day with me, exhale I’m well lit you take another pull I feel good you grin as I make my way down through your chest. When I’m around you speak free no judgement no cares, when your with me it’s a sexy danger.Our connection is so deep the way you grab and pull for me always turn me on. You light my fire it is I you desire we keep it smokey when I’m in the room. I know your deepest thoughts and all your secrets you smell my scent when I’m not close. For my stick you’re a blood hound you often get angry when places you frequent tell you I’m not allowed. I’m the one you desire I take you higher when your day is tough after a nice quiet dinner and a glass of wine It is I you choose to unwind with and give your time. I’m always close to you specially on those nights filled wit intense passion. I’m the 1 you roll over to just 1 pull from you can light me up. I’m your human Cigarette.

Rashone Washington

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Untangled Wreck of Love💞

Two souls of strong hearts racing down winding mountainsides with no guards. We look over at each other in between the turns with such passion. This wild ride is nothing short of a scary rush, at times your car jumps out in front of mine I catch you at the turns they scare you as you slow down I see the look on your face of concern as we know you dont like much change. You lay back in seat when I pull up beside you it’s the comfort of me being there. Suddenly I take off into another turn as we head for a hill you pull next to me not noticing the bump on your side of the road you side swipe me is this thee end!! As we spin around on this winding road we become tangled. Our vehicles come to a stop whole road smokey from the wreckage. Our souls died on the spot we raced for this rush and the thunderous looks we continued to chase for. Two souls with big hearts stubborn at times we didnt wanna leave the other behind so we died side by side in this love ride. Untangled Wreck of Love💞

Rashone Washington…

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Dear AMERICA! You can’t continue to mistreat my people and think you can control the repercussions. 40 million out of work, Pandemic has households upside down, family members lost during Pandemic and you keep killing our Black Men and Women Live on Camera and there is a president you put in place who’s brain has been misplaced. Most feeling like WHAT THA FLUCK WE GOTTA LOOSE!! SO THEY BURN SHEITT DOWN ON THA 5 O CLOCK NEWS…. MR PRESIDENT you may have thought your past tweets was funny and your actions too but TELL US MR PRESIDENT ARE YOU NOW ENTERTAINED!! DEAR AMERICA THA PIPE HAS BROKEN AND THA CITIZENS AINT JOKING I DARE YOU TO DO SOMETHING RIGHTEOUS THIS IS AMERICA CRYING.✊🏿🏴RW

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I’m Scared Love

Its rear love when you ain’t use to it you ask why? I’m Scared Love . You look at me with such intensity the vibe is so strong . I’m Scared Love. Thought I knew how but around you I’m like a shook child unprepared something I never share. I’m Scared Love around you my stomach is filled with bugs come close give me a hug, I’m Scared Love. Feeling like I’m caught deep In a sea what is it you seeing in me i swimming further these water getting to deep drowning you send the life line reeling me in . You pull me back on the boat as you kiss and you hold with one whisper: sit back enjoy this sweet ride! I look you square in the eye I reply: Im Scared Love.

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One second…⏰

You could love One Second fall out of love the next. It only takes One Second to create life One Second to end it. One Second to make her smile One second to make her sad and hurt her bad. It takes longer for trust but One Second to break it a life time to fix it. You can find ya self at the bottom one second on top the next. You can be loosing One Second, and hitting  game winning shot the next. Life can be confusing One Second.. If you open your eyes and ears  it take just One Second to put things in perspective. “ONE SECOND”


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This Love Type Dangerous.💘

In closed quarters eyes locked as they stared down the windows of each others soul. Door slams they snap out of trance DAMN!!! puzzled about thee 5 second stare down. Abruptly pulled away that stare stuck in the brain confused like what was that thang!. Days go by finally see u again i say hi but the response to my reply was a flirt , but in my mind I’m like SHEITTT SHE DON’T WANT THIS WORK!!! I AINT NO JERK BUT DEAD ASS SHE GONE GET THIS WORK!! THE conversation was the vibration down to her touch which was simulation for the Energy OF the soon to be Love Making. Sweat drips down my back n her legs won’t stop shaking. I thrust slowly then speed up gradually WOE IS ME she breathes heavy in my ear I’m speaking low but stern in her ear. We climax together as 1 I’m bussin like a gun in the moment and she can’t say my hold name so she whispers in high pitch like SHONE!!! I pull out to the tip as she bites my lip she whispers open your eyes. I’m like stop locking you legs loosen those thighs let me deep dive. Tired now we lie down close n closed quarters we hold each other n lock eyes staring through the windows of each others soul until we both pass out from this Love High….




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Poppin n Locking

Poppin cause you got it. Lock in cause you tryna get it. Poppin off cause you fronting talking out ya ass so you keep your cheeks Locked in. Poppin with a dream but ya knees Lockin you can’t proceed. Radio Poppin as you riding the highway of life with tunnel vision. Wanna turn but can’t figured you took tha wrong route wanna jump out but found out ya Locked in. Time to ride it out man up to the fear on a lonely highway while unexpected endings are near. Suddenly the car stalls out cause you originally headed out with a Poppin brain but the plan was locked out. You stay Poppin but Locking ya self out.


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Let me fix ya crown

Nah Nah I don’t hate you just wanna sit n kick game to you so let me fix ya crown. I hear ya say they hate why care keep ya enemies far n those who care close. You worry bout them your focus is wrong ya movements not genuine to self this thinking becomes draining let me fix ya crown. Your thinking is strong movements be soft planning be weak let me fix ya crown. Think less about how to impress thee unimpressive and more for those that love ya presents. Find your morals as well your beliefs an stand on em. Become a good learning to become a better teacher it’s ok to not know at all then to be a know it all who don’t know at all. Never let your past be thee cause of a closed mind, knowledge is nutrients for the brain and like a water plant n watch the thoughts grown as the body be the root so take care of that to. Don’t wanna beat you down or run you in tha ground so for now LET ME FIX YA CROWN.👑

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I choose You!!

Heavenly Father! In the name of your holy son jesus! I thank you Father!! I welcome your holy spirit in right now!! I choose you to give me strength! I choose you to pick me up, lost, down and turnt around. I choose you and only you to light my path and lead the way. I choose and trust only you Father God when you say: Go forth My child it’s gonna be ok because you’ve gone before me OHHH GLORY!!! GLORY!!! GLORY!!! I choose you to not only cover and secure but surround my home with your holy spirit. YES FATHER the door is always open to you UMMM only you have the power to wake us out a sound sleep with just the gentlest touch. THANK YOU FATHER IN THE NAME OF JESUS!! I choose you to fight the battles that aren’t my fight. Although You’ve given me the heart, strength, the spirit, the soul, and the faithfulness to withstand all things. If man say NO! you say GO!!! as I said my child GLORY!!! GLORY!!! GLORY!! HALLELUJAH!!! I CHOOSE YOU FATHER GOD. To show me who’s in the room at all times I choose you to open all doors and whom ever be in the room let them feel thy spirit because it is you whom I walk wit father THANK YOU JESUS!! you are the ALPHA N THEE OMEGA the creator of all things whom hold life n death in tha palms of your hand. One would be foolish not to worship you so hear me loud n clear Father I CHOOSE YOU!! No man nor woman will EVER posses the power you hold. I stand before you today claiming my love for you and your holy son Jesus whom is my brother. FATHER GOD… I CHOOSE YOU!! AS YOU HAVE CHOSEN ME FROM THEE DUST. AMEN FATHER


Rashone Washington

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Bars, Hooks and Lines Part 1.

Tonites tha nite and me n my niggaz ain’t playing – Redman

Feeling strange on high alert spidey senses trippin I can feel it in tha air Beenie Sigel

Gotta move swift no time for second guesses we move n clean up tha messes they rush we rush they bust we bust it’s just tha way it is where I’m from cause Ain’t no half stepping Big Daddy Kane

Now tha spots hot we got stick up kids kurupt cops all on a block that stay hot GZA

Look outs on tha roof yelling Woop! Woop! that’s tha sound of tha POLICE!! You put ya name on tha hood willing to die foe tha hood but love is gonna get ya gonna get ya KRS1

If they think ya getting money they’ll kick in ya door wavin tha 44 all u hear is poppa don’t hit me no more Biggie Smalls

But they’ll neva catch me slippin cause I kick a hole in tha speaker pull tha plug then I jet Rakim

Catch me rollin down the high like a drunk driver wit his tires slashed aww u don’t know tha half Sean Price


Now I’m rolling down this lonely highway thinking bout tha good n tha bad tha right n tha wrong the ones that’s still wit me tha ones that are gone tha ones I done wrong it dawn on me like thee hip hop song I’m slipping I’m falling and I can’t get up. DMX.


That started from just 1 nite now I need 1 Mic.. 1 Mic Nas

Rashone Washington

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